Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Today's lesson

I'm constantly learning and growing with this whole motherhood thing. Today I realized Kenny is trying to teach me "early to bed and early to rise." Man, is that a tough one! Sometimes 6 am comes way too early, but nothing is better than little man getting tired by 7 and I get to have quality time with the hubs. Another thing Kenny has taught me is not to forget about that special relationship I have with my husband. When Kenny came along, suddenly priorities shifted and sleep lacked. Ryan and I became grumpy sleep-deprived people, which is not one of our better states to be in. While caring for a colicky baby, things hit a boiling point and we decided to get back to square one. We have spent every day since stabilizing and solidifing our commitment to each other. We got back to the lovey-dovey things and took time out for ourselves away from everything else. Nothing prepares you for parenthood. Every moment is such a journey. So blogging world, I'm back, and I've got some stories to share. :)

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